15 January, 2010

Moonlight, Thunderstorm and Rain... But I Want Sunshine!

Welcome to The Dating Profiles Meme . This meme is based on a feature from WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. This is a bit different than an "answer this question" meme.

Either you have used sites such as Match.com or Yahoo Personals or you’ve read them. Weekly, we scour those on-line dating sites to respond either a person's profile or often their headlines as most of us would really like to do. We use only "lines" that are gender-neutral. So, your mission is to respond to ten we choose each week. Seriously or with humor is your choice! The spelling or grammar errors were in the original profiles. Join us each and every Friday!

1. I love walks in the moonlight without ever having to say a word.

mum is the word

2. I intend to go to my destiny instead of waiting on it to find me.

good luck bro!

3. First off, I have 20 cats which I'm sure won't be a problem.

yeah.. here's a photo of one of them

4. I've been called the 8th Wonder of the World.

with a face like this, you surely are!

5. A nice thunderstorm with me and you will be wishing for rain.

thanks but no thanks... i prefer sunshine...

6. I've never been married, but don't let that scare you, it just happens to some of us.

i can imagine...

7. The way I see it, life is a one-act play so am looking for someone who wants to make the best of every day.

as long as it's not a tragedy

8. Jack, my border collie/lab, and I are often out walking or if we are lucky, playing in the mountains.

as long as you still know how to distinguish a human date from your dog date

9. I would like to wake up in the morning to a loving warm smile and sexy eyes.

will this do???

10. Hi! This is fun, no?



Thom said...

That cat is huge LOL. and 4 and 9 are just to damn funny. Well done my friend. Have a great weekend :)

Bing (PinkLady) said...

thanks Thom... happy Sunday!