16 June, 2009

You Won't Go Wrong With Gold

By now, everyone must be feeling the crunch of the global economic crisis. Hard earned money were lost in banks and investment houses that folded up. Many watched in horror as their pension and retirement funds slowly went down the drain. Everybody is starting to feel insecure as far as future finances are concerned.

In the past, stock markets were hit by the Asian financial crisis which sent stocks tumbling down nearly to worthless papers. Now, the worsening economic downturn threatens our future anew.

There is hope though. Today I found a better way of stashing my hard earned cash without worrying about negative factors (such as economic and political conditions) that easily weaken a volatile market.

Buying GOLD is the answer. After all, no matter how it is cut or melted, in the end you will always get your money's worth and much, much more if you invested correctly. It is the kind of investment that does not give you sudden, steep dips unlike stocks and other paper investments. In fact, all the negative trends that weaken the stock market conversely strengthen and increase the price of gold.

When you buy gold bullion coins, it is best to buy from reliable bullion coin producing countries. Some good examples of these bullion coins are Gold American Eagle and the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf.

Buy gold coins that are rare because their collector's value increases the natural value of the gold. A perfect example is the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle which is considered to be one of the most beautiful gold coins ever created.

Remember that, just like any other investment, buying gold coins and gold bullion involves risk as it requires skill and competence so the best thing to do, especially if you are a neophyte investor, is to find a reputable consultant or adviser on this matter.

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