15 June, 2009

Music Monday - So Many Men, So Little Time (Miquel Brown)

This is my favorite day of the week 'coz it's Disco Monday for me again!!!

So Many Men, So Little Time topped the charts in 1983 (sold 2 million copies) and put Miquel Brown in the international music map. This was the pioneering record of the Hi-NRG (High Energy) genre, which was mostly electronic, high tempo disco songs without the usual strong funk component.

As aptly described:

In the 1980s "Hi-NRG" referred not just to any high-tempo dance music, but to a specific genre, only somewhat disco-like. Hi-NRG is typified by an energetic, staccato, sequenced synthesizer sound, where the bass often takes the place of the hi-hat, alternating a more resonant note with a dampened note to signify the tempo of the record. There is also often heavy use of the clap sound found on drum machines.

If you are not familiar with this kind of music, have a taste of it here. You might find yourself enjoying the video as well.

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Julie@Momspective said...

I played this and my 1YO started shaking his booty lol.

Leigh said...

Happy MM!

Empty Streets said...

Am adding this song to my collection :) Have a great week :)

PinkLady said...

JULIE, i ouldn't help but shake my own booty when i heard this song again.. lol. but a 1YO??? wow! your little kid has taste in music. :D

PinkLady said...

LEIGH, MM is my favorite! happy MM to you too! :)

PinkLady said...

EMPTY STREETS, i'm glad you enjoyed this song. :D thanks for dropping by.