01 June, 2009

Music Monday - I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

It's disco Monday again and here is one of the classics from the 70's era. To this day, people continue to sing and dance to this tune.

The lyrics speak of finding personal strength while recovering from a break up. This song has often been used as an anthem of women empowerment and a firm favorite on the karaoke circuit.

It is one of the most famous disco songs of all time and easily Gloria Gaynor's biggest hit (1979).

Lyrics | Gloria Gaynor lyrics - I Will Survive lyrics

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Empty Streets said...


Wow great selection for today's MM. Cant wait to download this to my iPod :) Have a great week ahead :)

PinkLady said...

I'm glad you like it :)

I am Harriet said...

Excellent choice!
This is a great one.


PinkLady said...

thanks harriet :)

KAT said...

I love this song! It gets you thinking and pumped up about all the pent up things you have inside!
Great choice!! Love it!!

Take care,

PinkLady said...

yes Kat, this song is really empowering :) such a powerful message!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Roller skating music!

I remember back then when I was young, getting a kiss at the roller rink was the greatest thing to ever happen - ha haaaa !!!!

Great song, lots of memories :-)

PinkLady said...

hi speedy... disco memories for me... and they are all soooooooo good! :)