31 May, 2009

The Prayer Hubs: "Come, Let Us Pray For A Blessing"

We should never underestimate the power of prayer. We have seen lives that dramatically changed through prayers. There are little miracles that we witness in our own daily lives. Now it's time to give back the blessings we have received.

I found The Prayer Hubs through Mike Golch's blog, Rambling Stuff. My kudos to the people who created this site as well as to the regular contributors. Your efforts will be blessed manifold. In my own little way, I will try to help spread the prayer requests through my blogs [Sheepish Thoughts and OF LIVING AND LOVING... AND COPING].

My own life is a testimony of the power of prayer. I fight my own battles every single day but through family's and friends' prayers, I have found the strength to survive. I hope to give that back to people who need prayers the most.

Let me start now by praying for Phyllis who has an urgent request at The Prayer Hubs. May the good Lord grant her heart's desire... Please join us in prayer.


Mike Golch said...

Thank you for the mention and the links.Big Time Hugs.

PinkLady said...

You're welcome Mike. I'd like to help in my own little way. :)