04 March, 2009

What This Sheep Needs, According To Google

I was at my friend Kat's blog Soy Wax Candles Blog when I saw this interesting meme which, according to her, came from PaperCages. Nope, I was not tagged by Kat but she did say that anyone can play along. :D

Here's how it works: Go to Google.com and type in "(insert your name here) needs". For instance, in my case, it is "Bing needs". Then hit search. Post your top 10 answers in your blog.

And so, without much ado, here are the things that this particular Sheep needs:

  • BING NEEDS every boost he can get -- Oh yes I do... Right now, it's all I need.
  • BING NEEDS to be explicit about how he would attack the city's finances -- Woooo Hooooo This one's a tall order! I wonder how I would do that. Whoever this Bing is, he must really wield some power.
  • BING NEEDS a brain -- This Bing is in big big big trouble, I tell you!
  • BING NEEDS a home -- Home is where the heart is. I am home. :D
  • BING NEEDS another dog to show him dog things and play dog games -- Now, isn't that interesting??? So one dog in the house is not enough to show me these things??? Oh dear...
  • BING NEEDS to wear lots of hats -- Oh yes I do! I multi-task... a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an office manager, a counselor all rolled into one. This is starting to sound like it's rigged.
  • BING NEEDS a hot girlfriend -- Whoever this Bing is, he is really cooooooooooool!!!
  • BING NEEDS his good-luck charm -- I have lots of them right now. The Sheep, they say, is not lucky in the Year of the Ox so I got myself all these stuff on my wrist. LOL! Not to mention the charms on my cellphone and my shoulder bag. See, this is rigged!!!
  • BING NEEDS some life -- Sorry folks but I do have a life and it rocks!
  • BING NEEDS to show everyone who's the boss -- No need. They all know who's the boss around here. :D

This was fun. Kudos to Kat for sharing this meme with everyone. Go on and try it. Who knows what comes up for you. Maybe it will give you a good idea what you really need right now.


KAT said...

Ohhh, you have me laughing over here!! Your answers are too funny!!

It's amazing what Google thinks we need, huh??

I'm glad you played!!

Have a great day!


PinkLady said...

Imagine, I need a brain!!!I'm really in big trouble here.

PinkLady said...

oh dear, I have been tinkering with my template again... big trouble... tsk tsk tsk... now where is that brain i ordered???