09 May, 2010

Six Word Saturday and Unconscious Mutterings

Praying For A Peaceful, Honest Election...

Week 380

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Rock n Roll :: Wild night
  2. Be with you :: For eternity
  3. Richard :: Gere
  4. Hair :: Crown (it is one's crowning glory after all)
  5. Police :: Protector (if they are not the Aggressor)
  6. Experience :: Life Lesson
  7. Father figure :: Idol
  8. Nice :: Lovely
  9. Switch :: Turncoatism (that's the name of the game in our 2010 national and local elections)
  10. Appearance :: Classy (is there any other way?) 


Thom said...

Here's to your peaceful elections. Isn't it sad that some always ruin for the mass. ie police who are aggresors. Great list. Happy Morhers Day.

Linda said...

It is good to pray for elections...and everything else going on huh?

God answers prayers...and He is in control! (:>)