11 January, 2010

What Do You Think...?

Welcome to Monday Mayhem where no two Mondays are ever the same.

This week we are doing the "What is it and what do you do with it?" meme.
For each image, describe in your opinion, what it is and what you would do with it.You can use a simple explanation or story. Have fun.

bing: a fish thrown back in the water

jazzy: a butterfly with broken wings... poor thing mltan100.blogspot.com
jamie: a six-armed alien... yay!

bing and jazzy: a yummy guava jelly... now we're hungry!!!

jazzy and jamie: a candy wrapper...
bing: we just ate the candy

jazzy: a no. 1 medal for me
jamie: no. 1 for best mommy of the year
bing: but that's money... mltan100.blogspot.com
jazzy and jamie: cheapskate!!!

jazzy: a door knocker with a happy face...
bing: that little angel makes all guests feel welcome
jamie: knock knock

jazzy, jamie and bing : you don't want to know what's on our minds... unanimously at that!!! mltan100.blogspot.com

dancer rivalry

bing: a very confused lady who doesn't know which way to turn and can't make up her mind what clothes to wear

Kudos to my girls Jazzy mltan100.blogspot.com and Jamie mltan100.blogspot.com
for playing with me (and helping me out)... mltan100.blogspot.com

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Thom said...

Now this just makes me mad. My lady wont spin like yours...pffft. And your answer for her is perfect :) I love how you included Jazzy and Jamie :) Well done my friend :)

I am Harriet said...

Awe- that's so sweet. The blot does resemble an alien- I agree.

Thanks for playing

kalea_kane said...

Wonderful answers. I especially liked the one about the spinning woman. Have a great day!

shydub said...

Most of your answers guys are very smart and creative.

Melissa Mashburn said...

I loved your answers, and the fact that you included your girls in it as well.

Allie said...

I liked the dialogue in your answers - it was very nice. I liked the answer to the $1 one the most. Very cute.