12 September, 2009

You Like Me Too Much

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1. If everyone liked each other, what would we complain about?

2. If you were most powerful person in the world, how would you use that power?

3. If had exactly one year to live, what are the three things you'd want to do before you died?

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4. If you could change one thing about the world, what would that one thing be?

5. If you could take one thing back, what would that one thing be?

6. If you were stuck on an island forever but had all the water, food and shelter you needed. What would be the three other things you'd bring with you?

7. If the internet didn't exist, would the quality of life go up or down?

8. If a million dollars fell off a back of a truck, would you keep it?

wouldn't you???

9. What is something you said, something you stole, something you did wrong?

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Arlene said...

beautiful answers. you are so creative! i like the cartoony stuff. so cute.

happy weekend!

amae d said...

so entertaining!

Lorielle said...

OMG I loved your answers! #5 is great!

Cris said...

great creativity!