28 June, 2009

What A Teen Needs

... Mario Brothers on our list, ...

The list never ends. Teens always want the latest video games to keep them bubbly and interested.

There was Sony PlayStation... then came PlayStations 2 and 3. Now my eldest son, who is 15 years old, is crazy over his PSP. My 2 girls have their own GameBoy Advance SP and the GameBoy Micro. Oh, I forgot to mention the Nintendo DS that their aunt gave them as a gift.

Now I'm shopping for a Nintendo Wii which we can all play and use together. It has internet wireless capability that will allow us to explore the internet right from the console. The good news is that it is one of the inexpensive video game consoles in the market.

You think I spoil them? Oh yes I do. We can all be young only once. I had my own share of games when I was a child. Whenever I look back now, it never fails to warm my heart. I want my own children to remember their childhood with a big smile.

At least I know what they are doing while my back is turned. =)

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