28 February, 2009

The Unquenchable Thirst For Beauty and Perfection... Gone Bad

I'm afraid of needles. I can't stand injections. But I have nothing against cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Neither do I have anything bad to say against against beauty enhancing injections because I have seen how these things transformed some of my friends into beautiful "swans".

But I got an email today where the images really shocked me. I checked the link and true enough, this page popped up showing all these horrible pictures of a woman who underwent a total of 15 reconstructive surgeries to "overhaul plastic surgery damage." So it's one surgical procedure after another to save her face.

What did she look like BEFORE her first plastic surgery?

Meet Han Mi Ok, a Korean celebrity who became known as Fan Lady after her failed plastic surgeries. Looks like she could not get enough of beauty enhancement such that she even personally performed a facial injection at home.

The AFTER picture.. one site warned to PROCEED WITH CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGE...

According to one commenter in that blog, these photos show the best that plastic surgery can do to fix the damage:

These photos were taken when she appeared as a guest on the 500th episode of The Shocking Stories of the World.

Now I'm not here to judge Han Mi Ok or the doctors who performed surgery on her. Based on the little info that I got from the sites which featured her, she injected cooking oil on herself and went for more plastic surgeries (see comments here).

Being the vain person that I am, I feel so sorry for her. Every woman wants to be beautiful and we all have this distorted notion that a pretty face reflects our real beauty.

What everyone tends to forget is that lasting beauty comes and radiates from the heart.



Dorothy L said...

That is so cute and so true.
People do not realize no matter how much they change their outer shell...it does not change their inner shell.

If anything more times than not...it make them even more unhappy.
If we cannot accept who we are internally all the plastic surgery or new clothing will change that!

Excellent post!

PinkLady said...

Hi Dorothy... thanks for dropping by. I just couldn't help posting this when I saw the email. I was flabbergasted. And mind you, this one's a true story. Yikes!

Thank you for the lovely comment.

Much Love,

Bing (",)

Mike Golch said...

To me it is the inner beauty that counts the most.you could be the prityest girl or the most hansomest guy in the world but have the uglyest soul in the world as well.