11 January, 2009

Death Penalty vs. Vigilante Killings

Why did I forget the reasons why I stopped watching this Sunday TV show?

This chief is on TV discussing his views on the proposition to bring back the death penalty on drugs cases. With so much pride, he declared how the "death penalty" never really left his bustling metropolis. That is, death by summary executions and vigilante killings. "Tiwas ka gyud diri!"

This is Tom Cruise showing off his motorbike... Cool! How about a gun-wielding predator on that bike ready to pounce on his next prey... I would not want to say anything more.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the re-imposition of death penalty on illegal drug manufacturers, traders and pushers. These people are the worst scum of the earth.

Death penalty or vigilante-style execution, pick your choice... Just make sure you don't hang the wrong man.


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